Panel Coach and Facilitator

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Jun 2019 – Present
1 year 5 months
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Forbes Coaches Council Sep 2019 – Present
1 year 2 months
Mumbai Area, India

Additional Director - Board Member

Savari Systems Private Limited Sep 2018 – Present
2 years 2 months
Bengaluru Area, India

Founder - Executive Director

Nirvedha Executive Coaching Solutions Jan 2017 – Present
3 years 10 months
Mumbai Area, India

Certified Corporate Director

Institute Of Directors, India Nov 2017 – Present
3 years
Mumbai Area, India

Stake Holder Centred Executive Coach - Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Jun 2017 – Present
3 years 5 months
Mumbai Area, India


CXO Club Dec 2017 – Present
2 years 11 months
Mumbai Area, India

Senior Director - Digital Practice (Head Operations)

Course5i May 2016 – Feb 2017
10 months

Delivery Head, Customer Leader

Tata Consultancy Services Oct 2009 – Apr 2016
6 years 7 months
Pune Area, India

See Clearly Live Powerfully

and achieve extraordinary results
When i look down the memory lane of over two and a half decades, i feel a sense of ccomplishment while there is a lot yet to come. Having worked my way up to become what i am, while being conscious of not acquiring the trappings.

Revolutionizing Executive Coaching through Intelligent Chat Bot

Multiple researches have proven that executive coaching is the most effective developmental method bringing in sustainable change in behaviour or performance of an individual when compared to training programs, executive education, self learning and other aspects.
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Why is it Important to
Invest in Yourself?

Your investment in your career and yourself
demonstrates your commitment to your career.


To create and maintain high level performance in stressful environments, they must pay attention to and nourish all areas of their life


Excellence is created not just by the obvious skills one’s profession demands, but by building of a whole and well human being.


Change is the one constant in everyone's lives. Even though we know this fact, most of us struggle with it - when Change crossesour path, we resist it, fight it or try to deflect it - like those are real options.


Since you cannot (and do not want to) increase the hours you work, it only makes logical sense to increase your value. Anyway, increasing your work hours can only stress you and cause you to reach a burn-out soonerthan later.

Testimonials & Endorsements

Hi, This is Sandeep Deshmukh. I'm here to share my experiences related to coaching. Coaching is a journey from your current reality to your dream, and in that journey, your coach is your guide. He will not impose his thing on you that is a creative process wherein yourself you have to pursue your dreams with your efforts. And coaching experience to my knowledge is a wonderful experience and thanks Sudhakar for his effort and his coaching.

Eva Brown

Sandeep Deshmuk

I'm here to talk about Sudhakar Reddy. we all have aspirations, dreams, goals, and not all of us attain the same level of success in life. I think this is where a coaching experience will make a difference. I have coaching experience with Sudhakar for the last 4 to 5 months and we have several sessions and I enjoyed all those sessions. This coaching experience helped me to understand my self better. Thank you, Sudhakar.

Lora Davis

Shyam Mahadik

It was always at the back of my mind to go through executive coaching. I never found the right time or opportunity to do it. It was a blessing in disguise when I saw the note from my childhood friend that he is starting to focus on executive coaching. It has only been few weeks of coaching with him, I am already able to find key tactics on how to focus on core objectives, define strategies and formulate actions behind them.

George Wayland

Ravi Puppala

Working with Sudhakar is a tremendous opportunity to become a much better leader, human being and obtain a much better fulfilling transition from an Individual contributor to a leader1 It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Sudhakar Reddy Gade as a Coach.

George Wayland

Vidya Mandava


To have a great career and satisfying life, you
need to continually keep upskilling yourself and be ready for the next big jump
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